Sandy (March 2018) - Golden Retriever  


Our newest Welcome Dog is Sandy the Golden Retriever from Lismore. Sandy has had several owners in her few years of her short life and presented with many insecurities and fears when we first got her.  She is a beautiful dog with a soft nature. After an unsure beginning, she is starting to show excellent potential as a welcome dog. She loves pats and cuddles and is excellent with other dogs. 

She needed extensive training in overcoming generalised fear and anxiety. Issues with doorways, high buildings, noise and odd surfaces were quite a challenge to get over before we could do most elements of normal training. 

Currently, we are teaching her good manners, focus and listening skills, some basic tricks, hide and seek plus learning how to rest and relax in any environment.To overcome her fears she gets regular exposure to everything from cows to skyscrapers. 

She works most days between 10-2pm with some breaks in between. Some days she goes on deliveries as part of her training. Please ask to see her if she is not around and we’ll get her for you. 

She will be available for kids hide and seek at 10:30am on the weekends very soon like our previous dogs. The kids can also brush her and put her work jacket on too so she is ready for the customers. 

Her favourites are : BBQ chicken, car rides, sleeping beside the car and pats from nice customers.

Come and meet her!

Welcome Dogs

Sari (2012 - 2016) - Labrador 

Sari was Rescued from Logan dump by Labrador Rescue after continually escaping with her sister. She was the most independent dog we’ve owned (including all of the guard dogs too). She would make her own bed out of the ironing basket, steal lunches, raid fridges, go for a swim in mud puddles, open tins and cupboards and much much more but was always loveable. 

She needed lots of training to stop her jumping into customer cars, chasing cats and motorbikes before she could work at The Plant Shack .


Her favourites: BBQ chicken, sleeping in full sun, car rides. 


Memorable Moment:
See the kitchen raid photo to the left...she was left at home after being fed but obviously it didn’t fill her up. The pantry  and two bins were raided. She always made up for misdemeanours. We are pretty sure she helped stop a potential robbery one evening.

Most loved for:

Being extremely gentle with people, kids, babies and other dogs. She was wonderful pet and she was our first Welcome Dog.

Ruby (2015 - 2018) - Labrador 

Ruby came to us a unloved 10 year old dog that was nursed back to health after a period of neglect after her owner died by Vivienne from Labrador Rescue Gold Coast. 

She was a matriarchal dog with so much soul and energy.She was loyal,funny, intelligent and agile. She was naughty, insatiable and great fun.

Extensive training was needed with wandering, manners, other dogs, cats, mud swimming in the recycle water gutters, chasing lizards.


Her favourites:BBQ chicken, sniffing out rats, dog parks.

Memorable Moment:

Her most memorable moment was getting herself lost in the storm water pipes between Deception Bay Rd and Ethel St (that’s  a 90m length under ground !) after chasing a lizard. It’s a big story-ask Blake one day. He saved her.

Bring your dog when you come to The Plant Shack!

We have a trained Welcome Dog greeting customers most days of the week.
The Plant Shack has been rehoming older dogs to entertain, befriend and offer a little therapy to any customers that enjoy the company of gentle dogs for sometime now. 

Each dog past and present become very well known and much loved with each personality they bring. 
Here’s a little sample of our canine history