We offer a wide range of services in addition to selling our extensive range of plants, garden care, gifts and pots. Below we detail exactly what services we offer and approximate prices for each. 

Purchase Options


You can email, text, send us a message on Facebook or phone through what you want and arrange to have it delivered. Recommended for experienced shoppers or interstate/international customers who would like to organise a gift or purchase for someone else. Please confirm your order has been received.


Purchasing remotely

Organise a job via email. 

Garden designs can be done in all sorts of ways using today's technologies. Quotes can be provided on request 


Purchasing for investors, site managers, interstate clients

Shop in peace - use signs, read labels look at displays and be inspired at your own pace and enjoy the surrounds.
Grab a coffee and sit down and relax when you - stay all day if you like. Free wifi is available to search your own info. Toilets and umbrellas available inside and a rest area outside under the paperbark trees. 




All of our advisory services require a booking. Please contact us ahead of your visit to confirm we have staff available.


Free in-store consultation 

Book a 30-minute in-store consultancy session with Peter or Nick to discuss your needs and directions for your specific project will be it big or small. Bookings essential


Recommended for:

  • when you need more devoted staff service

  • less impulsive approach to purchasing



Book a home visit 

We can come to you. You get verbal advice at your place. Allow at least 2 days notice. Local areas to Deception Bay.  

Minimum cost is $70 for 30 mins - $40 per hour thereafter. Normally scheduled in afternoons-weekends and weekdays. 


Recommended for:

  • when you have plant problems, sick tree, plant selection issues on single garden beds or several spots amongst other plants or buildings.

  • when you'd prefer a visit rather than having to explain the situation. 



Book a consultation 

This is a more informative service where you will receive a site visit and written information pack. We can come to you, collect info and provide you with notes on the day or later if more time is needed. Qualified staff can meet with you, use notes, diagrams or photos with a further meeting at the nursery to propose solid ideas and horticultural solutions plus a quote for supply if needed. Typical cost $150 -$200. We then offer a discount on any purchases made for that project. 


Recommended for:

  • several areas at once

  • front yards

  • backyards

  • commercial sites

  • technical horticultural advice



Landscape Design



Get a complete landscape plan custom designed just for you. You will receive a detailed drawing with labelled planting layouts and concepts for landscaping ideas, features and some structure suggestions where appropriate. This may be presented in a variety ways but mainly an overhead sketch, computer-assisted drawing, photoshop before and after or combination of methods to help present the ideas. Once complete, we then meet for up to 60mins at The Plant Shack to explain the proposals.


This process normally takes 2-4 weeks with at least 7-14 day lead time. Typical cost $250-$400 per section ie. Front Yard - Back Yard. Discounts offered on any purchases with that project. Ask for a quote.


Recommended for:

  • when you are totally stuck

  • new homes

  • garden renovations

  • pre landscaping

  • when you have too many ideas and need help combining it to make it work



Elite Service Package


This is the most involved service offered. 


You will receive:

  • highly accurate drawings suitable for landscapers to quote from without site visit

  • a series of on-site visits from us 

  • delivery

  • layout

  • planting instructions for labourers

  • maintenance videos

  • checking of labour results

  • plant orders prepared for exposure

  • long-term controlled release fertilising and pre-release plant spraying

  • meetings with project managers to support horticultural results

  • plant order holding (up to 6 weeks)

  • correspondence with photos

  • whatever is needed to ensure both plants and clients are happy

Labour is charged at $60 per hour. Drawings and files start from $900.


Recommended for:

  • clients needing high-level involvement in a project with several parties involved

Please contact Peter Popenko on 3888 3737 directly to discuss further.

Commercial & Trade

We supply the following commercial trade services for $60 per hour:

  • Plant supply and brokering 

  • On-site assessment of landscape architects’ recommendations

  • Planting recommendations and finding suitable alternatives

  • Troubleshooting, solutions and plant assessments 

  • Rejuvenation programs for sick plants of all types

  • Identification services

  • On-site staff training before major anything events

  • Planting schedule assessments and suitability to the site